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Sun Jun 20 2021


Aimedis – blockchain enabled health data platform partners with UAE based Infodriver for expansion in MENA

Netherland based Aimedis, the blockchain enabled health platform has announced its partnership with Infodriver, the UAE based blockchain consulting and IT marketing entity. Infodriver consults international blockchain companies who are seeking to expand in the GCC and MENA region. Aimedis aims to make eHealth secure, affordable, and accessible globally by combining health data, online prescriptions, appointments, second opinons and video consultation with doctors in one single platform and in multiple languages. Michael Kaldasch, Founder and CEO Aimedis states, “Our platform was created to honor patients, healthcare professionals, and institutions. We have recently launched our AIMX token and the world’s first medical and scientific NFT marketplace will be launched soon. We are proud to be utilizing these technologies such as blockchain, which will revolutionize the way medicine is practiced online.” Kaldasch adds, “We are happy to be partnering with UAE-based Infodriver in our efforts to expand Our presence in the GCC and MENA region. We welcome Mr. Kirill Mishanin to our advisory board.

This cooperation and partnership will strengthen Aimedis blockchain and token operations and speed up the implementation of blockchain in the healthcare sector in the MENA region and globally.” Kirill Mishanin commented, “We will work with Aimedis to expand their token holders and buyer network in the MENA region and the listing of their token on CEX’s exchange next to DEX listing which has a strong liquidity pool support. With Aimedis AIMX token, they will be able to integrate their blockchain-backed medical data solution with health care providers in the MENA region.

In the near future, Aimedis will be launching AIMSocial, an interactive patient platform that is secured and supported by a blockchain to help patients to support each other on a new level. Infodriver – UAE Based Blockchain consulting and IT marketing company backed by IDR token with liquidity pools profit.