Professor Shafi Ahmed Becomes Chief Medical Metaverse Officer at Aimedis

#Aimedis #AIMX #NFTs #metaverse #Avalon #AimedisAvalon Thu 30 June 2022 […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #NFTs #metaverse #Avalon #AimedisAvalon

Thu 30 June 2022

The internationally renowned surgeon and university professor Shafi Ahmed is now strengthening the Aimedis team as Chief Medical Metaverse Officer and, together with the Dutch company, is driving the digitization of the entire healthcare industry.

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Professor Shafi Ahmed

Aimedis Avalon is the first, and so far only, digital health platform in the Metaverse. Professor Ahmed states: “I am delighted to become part of the Aimedis team. In the future, we will have to completely rethink the topic of health and prevention, since more and more examinations and treatments can be carried out in a virtual environment.”

Aimedis CEO and founder Michael J. Kaldasch states: “We are very happy to have Shafi Ahmed join us as our first Chief Medical Metaverse Officer! He is a visionary and a pioneer when it comes to using the latest technologies. He performed the world’s first VR operation with around 55,000 viewers in 140 countries.”

Ahmed’s declared goal: The fusion of medicine, education and VR/AR virtual and augmented reality. His surgery lectures, recorded with Snapchat Spectacles, have an extremely high reach with 100,000 downloads and 54 million Twitter views. Kaldasch: “And it is precisely this fusion that is made possible by the innovative technology that is provided on Aimedis Avalon.”

Aimedis Avalon gives doctors, students, and patients access to extensive medical knowledge. Medical training, education, and medical consultations are becoming more reliable and of higher quality thanks to simulations and imaging diagnostics in 3D formats. Aimedis’ COO and founder Ben El Idrissi explains: “Devices, trackers, wearables and a simple iPhone enable diagnostics and consultations without the need for patients to be physically present.” Ahmed concludes, “Aimedis Avalon also enables secure access to patient data and medical histories – physicians and therapists can exchange ideas and consult experts who practice in other countries. The health of patients will benefit in the long term from this.”

The Aimedis advisory team has also been expanded and is pleased to welcome renowned experts including Professor Guy Vallancien from France, Dr. Bernard Bulwer of Boston and Dr. Michael Rothschild from Israel to the team.

Media Contact: Mrs. Hanna Pollmann

Aimedis B.V. Sint Michaelstraat 4 5935 BL Steyl Netherlands

Email: Mobile: +49 178 477 26 40

Aimedis Avalon metaverse landsale has started

The Aimedis Avalon landsale has been launched and the whitelist […]

The Aimedis Avalon landsale has been launched and the whitelist for part 1 including the cities of Dubai, Lausanne and Singapore has already been closed due to oversubscription.

Parts of each of the cities are ready to be purchased and give a good idea on what is coming up in Avalon – the world’s first healthcare metaverse.

Please visit for more information.


A New Era of Digital Healthcare

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #bigdata #healthFi #DeFi #avalon #aimedisavalon

Sun 03 Apr 2022

Aimedis Releases a new, revamped whitepaper on “Avalon,” our metaverse.


Aimedis is an eHealth platform based on blockchain technology, founded in 2017. We combine a variety of eHealth applications such as health records, video chat with doctors, appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, wearables, a hospital and practice information system, emergency records, a medical social media platform, eLearning, eTeaching and education, a unique medical and scientific-pharmaceutical NFT data marketplace, and much more while displaying all relevant operations in a private blockchain, visible to and transparent for every patient. Aimedis has built the world’s first medical, scientific, and wellness metaverse and opened the world’s first virtual hospital chain in the metaverse while offering space to other hospitals, companies, universities, and people. Aimedis’ Avalon (our metaverse) offers therapies, consultations, research, education, social interaction, safe spaces, speakers corners, and a complete healthcare economy on the blockchain. The Aimedis token, which is tailored to the platform, is much more than just a utility and payment token, it also offers staking, governance, and DeFi (the first medical DeFi token) and, we believe, it is the future of eHealth cryptocurrencies and social token functionalities. Aimedis NFTs offer a revolutionary tool for medical data, a much-needed upgrade in the medical community, along with unique, integrated functionalities inside the Aimedis metaverse.


The future of modern healthcare will necessarily revolve around the metaverse. Financial Service Corporation Morgan Stanley expects increasing digital demand for fashion and luxury brands that could result in sales of $50 billion by 2030, including the expansion of the addressable market by more than 10% in eight years and a boost in earnings before interest and tax of around 25%. Several forward-thinking companies are investing millions of dollars in virtual metaverse land. For example, a Toronto-based company has dropped $2.5 million on real estate in Decentraland, while another company has spent $4.3 million purchasing a plot of land in The Sandbox metaverse.

The number of users entering the metaverse is increasing daily, and companies and people are investing heavily: cryptocurrency investment company Grayscale estimates the market opportunity for bringing metaverse to the mainstream may be worth over $1 trillion over the next few years. Social distancing caused by COVID-19 has spiked individuals’ and companies’ interest in social media platforms and remote communication solutions — and these changes are here to stay due to convenience, as well as, improved realism and capabilities of virtual experiences. Technology has progressed rapidly in the last several years and individuals now have the opportunity to explore a complete healthcare world in 3D to take advantage of services like therapies, consultations, education, social interaction, or the merging of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and the metaverse to create a seamless connection between the real world and the metaverse.

The Avalon business model and economy

A Healthcare Metaverse

Aimedis’ Avalon is modeled after the real world; different countries across the globe are represented and each of these countries has at least one city represented that has country-specific (flora/fauna) and site-specific (landmarks) attributes. The modern world is strictly geared towards health, wellness, fitness, recovery, and longevity, and Aimedis Avalon offers users safe spaces to chat and provides an engaging medical knowledge-based world that offers a complete health economy and meets health-related challenges of the information age. Each city incorporates an area of more than 5,000 parcels, each parcel being 21m x 21m in space. Approximately 4,000 parcels can be purchased or rented and 1,000 offer a country-specific cultural center to explore culture, art, and information. These cities are connected via teleporters and navigation maps; the limitation of parallel users at the same time guarantees optimal performance and a AAA gaming experience.


Aimedis is not only innovating but, quite literally, creating a novel healthcare ecosystem by doctors and patients, for doctors and patients, to deliver a frictionless healthcare experience for all. By combining medical records, communication tools, the world’s first healthcare metaverse, and the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, Aimedis is furnishing providers with the tools they need to deliver excellent care with the latest in technological advancements. Integrating blockchain technology with Web3, NFT, and metaverse utilities, we secure patients’ trust, as well as, the credibility of information and data exchange. Recently, Aimedis has announced several partnerships, collaborations, and new hires to bring the world one step closer to an evidence-based, equitable, and patient-centered healthcare system.

-The Aimedis Team

About Aimedis:

Aimedis is a novel healthcare ecosystem combining medical records, communication tools, prescriptions, sick certificates, second opinions, IoT and tracker devices, the world’s first healthcare metaverse and the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a pharmacy, and a social medical network, a place to meet other patients and connect to healthcare professionals worldwide. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world. Learn more at

Follow Aimedis on Twitter, join their Telegram, and read up more about them on their Medium page.

The Aimedis Metaverse Whitepaper 1.0 has been released

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #bigdata #healthFi #DeFi

Fri 01 Apr 2022

We are happy to announce the release of our whitepaper 1.0 for the Aimedis Avalon Metaverse.

Please follow this link:

Dr. Javier Mendoza – the first gastroenterologist in the metaverse

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #bigdata #healthFi #DeFi

Mon 07 March 2022

Aimedis welcomes Dr. Javier Mendoza on the medical board in health city.

We’re glad to announce our partnership with Dr. Javier Mendoza, Gastroenterologist and E-health expert, to be the first doctor featured in Aimedis’s health city in preparation to launch our new VR-telemedicine services in the metaverse.



About Health City

Virtual hospitals are one of the Metaverse applications in the medical industry. They connect patients and doctors in a virtual 3D environment through a metaverse-based interface. We’ve introduced Health city’s demo in the last Arab exhibition for the first time. We had positive feedback from users who loved the 3D virtual experiment.

Once patients install the VR devices (Goggles or other devices into their bodies), they’ll get this virtual experiment and communicate with doctors in more interactive sessions. Health City will introduce a new way of communication in the medical and healthcare industry that has never been before.

About Dr Javier Mendoza

Dr Javier Mendoza is a gastroenterology specialist with 20 years of international experience working in multiple European healthcare countries, including Spain and The Netherlands. Besides his global expertise, Dr. Mendoza holds a master’s in E-health. Now, Dr. Mendoza is on the board to deploy his long experience in E-health and gastroenterology to supervise the new gastroenterology consultations in the metaverse Health City.

A paradigm shift in telemedicine

Aimedis Metaverse Virtual hospitals will revolutionise the telemedicine field, changing how doctors and patients communicate.

Currently, the application of telemedicine is still limited to a few specific specialisations, like Psychiatry and nutrition. In other terms, the current telemedicine model is focused on consultations in fields that don’t require a physical diagnosis.

However, with the adoption of VR (virtual reality), the scope of telemedicine is on the cusp to penetrate even more clinical fields like Gastroenterology.

Doctors can diagnose patients with Gastrointestinal Diseases -or other ones- by communicating with patients in a 3D virtual interface. VR communication will allow doctors to examine, monitor, and consult a wide range of patients remotely for the first time. Leveraging this technology will enable patients to get featured real-life consultations without stepping out of their house.

Mutual vision in eHealth

In Aimedis, we launched our E-health applications for patients. E-health applications help the patients acquire a digital and portable version of their medical records and grant access to different service providers. Our mobile apps are available on ios and android (with 1 million downloads on android’s play store).

Now, the demand for a global medical record containing all the history of diagnoses and treatments of patients is on the rise, especially for people travelling from one country to another for treatment or medical services. Having all of their previous medical history stored in the E-health App, doctors can accurately navigate this data and reach proper conclusions.

The lack of interoperability in Medical records poses many problems for the medical service. It’s the big culprit behind prescription errors and diagnosis errors.

Dr. Mendoza shares the same vision with us on the future of e-Health in the field. Since 2019, Dr. Mendoza has fulfilled medical advisor roles in companies providing eHealth solutions while keeping ethics, empathy and quality care at the forefront.  We will make sure we have this synergism of expertise and effort with him on board to help the healthcare field get better workflow management and to help patients get an enhanced healthcare service experience.

Ethics in NFTs medical trials – How does Aimedis shift the medical trials field to a new ethical paradigm ?

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #bigdata #healthFi #DeFi

Thu 24 Feb 2022


For decades, concerns about the ethics of medical trials have been surrounding the medical field. A medical trial is a research experiment performed on ordinary subjects (voluntarily or paid) for evaluating the efficiency of a new drug or treatment.

Thus, we can say those participants play a major role in producing a stream of data, that are used by researchers and paramedical firms in developing new treatments.

However, the role of the participants ends with the end of the experiment, and they have no clue about the future of their extracted and preserved genomic data or how many parties are given access to it!. Also, they couldn’t benefit from selling this data on a large scope neither do they know how much they are really worth.

Aimedis offers patients all over the globe the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and benefit financially from them. By sharing their data on the DataXChange blockchain-backed marketplace, their participation will be more structured, restricted, and incentivized. Also, NFT technology addresses key challenging ethical issues in clinical research. (We will explain those ethics in-depth below).

1.   Ownership of data

In clinical trials, medical institutions keep the participant’s bio-specimens de-identified, following the principles of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule (45 CFR 164).

While this policy maintains the confidentiality of the patient’s data, it doesn’t explicitly restrict the secondary use of clinical data for future research. That means Researchers can benefit from patients’ tissue and sensitive data extracted in the clinical trials to bolster future research without their consent.

Leveraging patients’ data without their permission might betray the trust between patients and clinical research institutes and dehumanize their value as contributors to medical improvement.

Aimedis’ NFT blockchain platform (DataXChange) enables patients to benefit financially from their contribution to medical research by allowing them full control and ownership over their biospecimens data as inherently unique digital assets (NFT).

Each Data file is converted into NFT (A digital asset), and patients have a certificate of ownership over their NFTs. They can sell them directly to beneficiaries, including pharma companies, healthcare institutes, etc. Moreover, they can earn royalties each time their NFT is sold.

2. Transparency of information

Transparency is a crucial part of any data transaction. While on-site clinical trials provide zero to little clarity about the secondary usage of data extracted from the patients’ experiments or their future potential, NFT blockchain technology, applied by Aimedis, brings a solid foundation of transparency for all stakeholders through:

  • Decentralized Trusted Timestamping: A web-based service that proves the data provider’s liability of his/her shared data at a given set of times.
  • Smart contracts: relegate the selling/buying process and increase trust between seller and data provider, and offer a layer of security, safety, and simplicity between both sides.
  • A decentralized ecosystem: that traces/tracks all the transactions between a seller and buyer in real-time, creating a fully transparent environment.

3. Data provider’s anonymity

Patients aren’t willing to compromise their privacy for any reason. That’s the reason behind the multitude of laws that determine the de-identification of the data-source provider.

But those laws don’t restrict transferring patient’s data with third parties or reusing it again in future research.

Aimedis’ s always keeping the data provider’s anonymity. If any authority like research institutes / CRO / pharma, decided to buy their data, Patients can sell data by providing their ID while keeping their identity anonymous. Thus, they can earn money without sacrificing their privacy.

Also, each NFT is encrypted so that only the data buyer can access it while a new private key is generated each time the data is sold and passed to the buyer.

4. Data security

The issue of security is sparking many doubts about NFT novel technology. Patients might ask how much their data is safe on the blockchain market and aren’t prone to hacking and tokenization by other users who can steal their data and sell it. Also, Buyers (like pharma companies ) can question the authenticity of this data.

We can say, NFT security heavily relies on the ability of centralized platforms to protect the private keys of all assets stored on them and the user’s ability to verify every piece of information he got.

Also, the Smart contract running the  Aimedis NFTs exchange outlines the rights governing ownership of the digital data and develops trust between parties involved in the Data exchange trade. When both parties meet the condition issued in the contract, a transaction occurs.

5 . Data traceability

For participating in an on-site clinical trial, the patients are asked to sign up a consent that accentuates their compliance to undergo the trial. But The process of documenting the consent forms is inefficient, with a great deal of redundancy and human intervention.

What’s worse is the patient couldn’t comprehend well the process of documenting, and he has to sign forms multiple times without being informed about their significance or any right to withdraw his decision.

On the other side, organizations have limited knowledge about the patient’s identity or where those agreements are stored.

NFT technology allows seamless tracking of patients’ consent since each data generated during clinical trials is stored separately on a database (Sidechain) and tracked by RightsHash, a decentralized software engine that uses serverless, open APIs to track patient’s consent data.

For example, if a patient signs a consent. Using OCR, optical character recognition, this consent document will be immediately digitized as a PDF NFT, that holds a specific public token ID that can be tracked. That means any slight change that occurs to NFT’s state (for example if it’s accessed by some party) is tracked with one token ID. This tractability feature will give the patients more control and accountability over their data.


Clinical research involves many ethical issues that might limit the patient’s profit from his genomic data. Aimedis’s blockchain platform will provide the patient a full opportunity to sell their data all within a decentralized Eco-system that maintains data security, tractability, and anonymity of the data provider- All while allowing full ownership of their data.


Creating an Avatar for Aimedis’ Health City

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #NFTs #ehealth #healthcare #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi

Sun 20 Feb 2022

The core dev team at Aimedis is constantly building new layers to support virtual health. A first logical step towards this is creating avatars so that you can have a face in our virtual reality. Aimedis’ Health City will not only provide a virtual reality for patient-physician interactions, but moreover, it will allow medical expertise to travel the world. As discussed in our last update, with our technology, a surgeon will be able to virtually assist across the world, and now that surgeon can put a face to their name!

Aimedis is now working with ReadyPlayer.Me to make virtual reality avatars a reality. Aimedis users can now start building their own avatars for our Health City here. To encourage you all to interact with and build a creative avatar for yourself, the top 3 creative avatars will receive an airdrop of 1,000 $AIMx tokens. To enter, share your avatar and tag us on Twitter!

Over the next several weeks and months, our community can expect more partnerships and updates towards Health City and other metaverse applications. Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar business, as is virtual reality and metaverse applications, and Aimedis is only scratching the surface of what is possible when you combine healthcare technology with metaverse and virtual reality. The convenience for patients and providers is unsurpassed and there is a massive magnitude of progress that is feasible for patients and healthcare in general with such technological advancement. We look forward to taking that leap and continuing to lead the world in healthcare tech innovation.

-The Aimedis Team

#aimedis #aimx #nfts #metaverse #aimedishealthcity #telehealth #healthtech

About Aimedis:

Aimedis is a novel healthcare ecosystem combining medical records, communication tools, prescriptions, sick certificates, second opinions, IoT and tracker devices, the world’s first healthcare metaverse and the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a pharmacy, and a social medical network, a place to meet other patients and connect to healthcare professionals worldwide. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world. Learn more at

Follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram, and read up more about us here on our Medium page.

A recap to Aimedis exhibition at Arab Health 2022

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Fri Jan 07 2021


From 20th January, our team was present at full force in Dubai UAE to prepare for Arab Health. The well-known healthcare fair is a big annual event organized in Dubai. It hosts more than +3000 international companies that come every year to exhibit and discover the latest technology and innovations in the field, exchange expertise, discuss and execute business partnerships.

This year 3500 exhibitors from 60 countries and 56000+ healthcare and trade professionals participated in Arab health. This epic statistic tells you about the upside of participation in this huge international healthcare event and why it was vital for us to be there.

We teamed up for the exhibition, and the preparations were on point. The technicals, the tools, and the products, everything was ready to be presented to our visitors in the Booth throughout the four days of the exhibition. And more importantly, the team was more than prepared to engage with our visitors and spread the word about our innovations, which is done at its best.

In this article, we will take you on tour with us to get complete insights into how our exhibition was and the highlights of every exhibition day.

A timeline overview of our exhibition:

1- The first day, 24th January

We launched the Booth and prepared the first in-person experience of the virtual hospital. We welcomed our visitors, presented the virtual hospital structure, and helped them try the interface using the 3D Goggles, which grabbed considerable attention and interest amongst Arab Health exhibitors and visitors.

The CEO’s presentation in the main hall

Our CEO Michael J Kaldasch gave a speech in the main hall about big data in healthcare and how the blockchain can revolutionize the security and utility of healthcare data.

2- The second day, 25th January

The traffic started to peak at day#2, with more visitors coming thanks to the first-day publication and our CEO speech. We welcomed the company’s representatives, medical doctors, healthcare authority representatives, pharmaceutical companies, telemedicine, and more healthcare field experts and professionals.

3- The third day, 26th January

The first two days, many of our visitors showed interest in scheduling a meeting with our management board. We coordinated meetings and welcomed company representatives who discussed potential future partnerships with our management. We had a lot of successful and productive meetings with representatives and management boards of the biggest names in healthcare in the region, with a lot of promising partnerships discussed and agreed upon. We will announce so soon the official partnerships after the official agreements.

4- The fourth day, 27th January

Besides welcoming our beloved visitors and running the scheduled meetings, we started to visit other companies’ booths to introduce our solution and make more valuable connections on the last day of the exhibition.

A products-map overview to our exhibition

Generally, we presented our vision and solutions very well to all the visitors, with a focus on our main four products. Each product captured the interest of its specific targeted segment of users. We helped visitors navigate between the products of their interests and gave them an illustrative presentation on each one’s (objective and how it works). We can summarize our presented products at Arab health in the following scheme.

 1- The e-Health platform for the medical ecosystem (Patients, doctors, and pharmacists).

 2- The Hospital Information System

 3- The Aimedis virtual hospital (metaverse)

 4- The B2B medical and scientific NFTs marketplace (medical data NFTs)

Let’s navigate into the insights of each one as presented in the exhibition.

1- The e-Health platform for the medical ecosystem (Patients, doctors, and pharmacists).

Who’s got interested?

Medical service providers, especially clinics who have a base of long-term clients/patients and like the idea of the connectivity on the platform.

What specifically interested them? Why?

The concept of digital and portable patient information and the functionality of communication with patients remotely.

What were their most frequently asked questions?

– They inquired about the ability to integrate the e-prescription model in the platform, which is already added and ready to utilize

– They inquired about the registration requirements and the fees model.

The registration requires the practitioner’s license, and the eHealth platform is currently free for usage by patients and doctors.

What were their concerns?

The apps being registered in the local authorities, many of our visitors noted that they might need the app to be registered locally first by health authorities to be used, which is on our radar now. We will start the registration process by communicating with the local authorities to register the eHealth application for our potential users.

2- The Hospital Information System

Who’s got interested?

Hospital chains and hospitals in the region

What specifically interested them? Why?

The advanced User Interface and the whole new functionalities. They also came with a list of pain points of their current HIS system, which they shared with our Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Stefan. This successful communication will be translated into development to the system in the next few months to deliver the solution our clients need in their new HIS system.

What were their most frequently asked questions?

Is our Hospital Information System module-based? And if yes, how far can they customize it?

3- The Aimedis virtual hospital (metaverse)

Who’s got interested?

The Virtual Hospital was the superstar of the exhibition. Visitors came across to try it the entire four days and were amazed by the idea and the demo. The demo was ready for testing by users at our Booth with the 3D Goggles. And the feedbacks were fabulous.

What specifically interested them? Why?

They were interested in learning about the concept and how it could potentially benefit their business. Also, they were interested in testing the patient’s interface and knowing the patient’s journey as a user to know how their client’s experience would be if they offered it.

What were their most frequently asked questions?

“Are the Goggles necessary to use?”

And the answer was no. Anybody can access the virtual hospital via PC or laptop in 2D. The 3D Goggles is just an add-on to get the 3D virtual experience.

Can they start telemedicine service in the virtual hospital?

And the answer was yes. The system is specifically designed to mimic a telemedicine model but in a virtual environment, introducing a new telecommunication paradigm.

What did surprise us concerning the Virtual Hospital inquiries?

The fact that we received applications from medical doctors to be featured in the virtual hospital directly in the Booth. Doctors who stopped by us showed interest in being featured directly as service providers in the virtual hospital, which signals a significant adoption of the idea.

4- The B2B medical and scientific NFTs marketplace (medical data NFTs)

Who’s got interested?

Medical Service providers who have years in the market and got huge un-utilized data.

What specifically interested them? Why?

The concept of the data utilization and the financial opportunity of monetizing a large base of un-utilized data which are set for years without usage.

What were their most frequently asked questions?

What are the NFTs? How do they work? How does the transaction get tracked on the blockchain? The security of the system, the validation of data, the transaction fees, on what blockchain the NFTs marketplace will operate? The AIMx token utilization inside the marketplace. And the chances of using FIAT currencies inside the system, how to exchange FIAT to AIMx, and much more.

This product has the most inquiries because of the revolutionary concept introduced for the first time in healthcare. Our team was ready to answer all the questions and communicate the idea behind the product, which got well communicated.


Arab Health was the right place and time to be present at this phase of the project’s progress. We had an excellent opportunity to spread the idea and communicate our solutions to the healthcare industry, which was achieved well in the four days of the exhibition. We learned more about the healthcare industry’s needs and problems. We had great potential partnerships, which are currently in good progress. We will announce soon the official partnerships we have. And of course, we are planning to be there on a regular basis every year.

Thank you, the community behind Aimedis, for the support. We appreciate you and promise we will do our best to keep the progress in this project meeting your expectations.

Aimedis introduces the long covid observation module tool – a new feature in the app to help long haulers manage their symptoms

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #binancesmartchain #AVA #AimedisVirtualAssistant #AlphaHospital #ethics #security #aimedismuseum #who #longcovid #covid

Fri Jan 07 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, we are delivering novel and innovative solutions to address the long-term effects of the disease. Long after one recovers from the virus — after pneumonia, fever, and difficulty breathing resolve — Healthcare providers and doctors are noting that the disease is still affecting patients in various ways. We have created a “Long COVID observation module tool to determine the frequency and severity of long-term symptoms to address them better going forward.

Image of flu COVID-19 virus cell. Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak influenza background. Pandemic medical health risk concept.

What is “Long COVID?”

Long COVID is a condition whereby patients who have recovered from COVID (i.e., have a negative test) and have had most of their major symptoms of the infection relieved but still have other longer-term side effects develop and persist. We included commonly reported symptoms in our Long COVID tool, which will allow patients to input their current state of health and monitor their progress as time goes on. This data helps patients keep track of residual symptoms and helps their care team quickly access their data. Moreover, the de-identified Long COVID data will be helpful for scientists tackling the COVID-19 disease. As an Aimedis user, you, the patient, can benefit from your data when it is listed on our NFT data marketplace. In turn, this data is used by the medical community to learn and extrapolate trends of the pandemic to treat the long-term symptoms of the disease. As always, using our platform earns you tokens, not only for utilizing our general platform but including our new Long COVID and future tools, as well! As the generated data grows and patterns emerge, scientists and physicians will be able to identify better and treat the long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

What are the features of the new tool?

The tool includes an observation module that allows patients to track their progress and journal their manifestation by simple questionnaire-like data entry. The questionnaire covers the most reported symptoms in long covid. At the same time, the answers are a scale of metrics such as pain, fatigue, and other manifestations that fluctuate during the post-covid period.

AIMx token reward program for users

We will allocate token rewards for users of the long covid observation module. After completing the tool usage for three months, each user will get a 200 USD value of the AIMx token. To participate in the rewards program, you can fill the following form.

We will shortly release a registration form for Aimedis customers who want to be part of the AIMX token reward program in the Long COVID observation trial.

Aimedis NFTs containing Long COVID data will be available on the Aimedis NFT marketplace soon

Researchers, universities, PhD students and many more can profit from these NFTs and get standardized sets of highly detailed Long-COVID data on Aimedis DataXChange. Stay tuned for the release dates!


Aimedis Museum of Virtual Medical & Scientific Art: The first medical & scientific visual art in the metaverse.

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #binancesmartchain #AVA #AimedisVirtualAssistant #AlphaHospital #ethics #security #aimedismuseum

Mon Jan 03 2021

We are introducing a new state-of-art medical visual project for the users of Aimedis Health City. The concept of our medical & scientific museum is providing illustrative, informative, educational, and entertaining projects that include medical media and medical data presented inside the metaverse.

What are the features of the Aimedis museum?

First, ownership

The medical museum is an extension of the medical NFTs marketplace. Meaning users can own projects inside the museum and buy/sell projects in auctions with pre-estimated floor prices for each category of projects.

Second, utility

The medical Art inside the museum will include a diverse set of visuals, media, 3D stereoscopic medical animations, and medical data graphs.

This wide range of NFTs models will add a considerable value for both medical practitioners and patients in the metaverse by enabling the following but not limited to:

1- 3D Medical, educational materials

Medical, educational materials such as body organs and structures give medical schools and educational institutions the capacity to shift part of the seminars to the metaverse.

2- Illustrative videos and live surgical procedures.

For the first time, doctors can attend surgical procedures in real-time. Hospitals can organize medical training by securing their space in the museum and offering scheduled procedures for doctors to attend from everywhere around the world inside the metaverse.

3- Exclusive medical data statistics and charts.

Medical data statistics will have a section where data providers can present their data resources so that users can get an overview and buy full stacks of the original data with ownership to the data included inside the NFTs.

4- Medical devices and instrumentals

This category allows medical devices companies to get visibility inside the museum and present their latest innovations for medical practitioners. Medical devices companies can present their devices with digital manuals and 3D illustrations about how it works, boosting their sales using the metaverse.

Third, profitability

For the first time in the NFTs space, NFT holders can make profits from fees paid to view specific categories of the NFTs

(Double profitability).

Besides listing the NFTs for auction, NFTs holders can collect AIMx tokens as a part of fees allocation. Users will pay the fees to enter specific sections inside the museum that have high value, such as the preview of medical data charts.

Security and ethics in the Metaverse. How does Aimedis ensure maximum protection for Health City users?

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #listing #binancesmartchain #AVA #AimedisVirtualAssistant #AlphaHospital #ethics #security

Sun Dec 19 2021


The Metaverse in general is still a little more than a concept for now. Based on the researchers’ insights, we can define it as a combination of multi-users 3D virtual space merged with the physical world that allows users a more immersive and rich experience.

Generally speaking, Metaverse promises an unprecedented leap in the way humans are connected. In fact, many companies can capitalize on it to create 3D experiences for the brands they promote. They also can track their users by not how many clicks they made but what direction they look at and what movement their bodies take, besides other biometric data.

Though Metaverse will create infinite opportunities for companies to collect more deep data about their clients, there are many doubts about data security, privacy, manipulation, and deep fakes. If they are not prepared enough to deal with those threats, brands might play the risk of destroying their relationship with their clients.

What are the potential threats with the currently proposed metaverse projects?

Metaverse allows people to interact and socialize with each other in a way that we have never imagined. They will use it at work, entertainment, shopping, and almost everything, which will generate a high volume of data.

Companies can use those streams of experiences for targeting their customers-which raises some doubts about privacy. Is this data secured from being missed out?

How does Aimedis protect the community from security and privacy threats?

To protect customers’ data, Aimedis will ensure drawing on experience. The first lesson is to put the user’s security first. Aimedis will prohibit using third parties or mischievous cookies without permission and listening to the users of Health City.

Third-party cookies are snippets of code that track user movement on the internet. They are used effectively by advertisers to target their audience. However, they’ve also been an annoying problem for people worried about being monitored all the time. By limiting the penetration of these cookies, users of Aimedis Health City are protected against data breach.

Toxicity, harassment, and bullying.

Those are mainstream ill-mannered behaviors users have already faced. Harassment in VR is real. The Metaverse offers a vast space of freedom for every user. However, if it can’t draw a balancing line between freedom for expression and protecting its users, it would lose a large part of its audience.

Aimedis solution:

Aimedis incorporates features built into the Health City to protect users against suspicious and inappropriate interactions. Aimedis will allow easy blocking and reporting mechanisms to protect users, besides will have safe spaces and security admins that are around 24/7.

Other issues about users’ Safety

Another challenge that threatens the Metaverse’s experience is safety. The Metaverse depends on external digital devices such as virtual reality headsets and IoT devices. When users wear those headsets or other hardware devices, they can experience this platform and live immersive 3D experiences as an Avatar. The problem occurs when those virtual headsets are attacked by hackers, who might misuse this data for unethical purposes.

This data is probably sensitive for the user. Any failure to protect it will likely affect large amounts of data. Suppose it has fallen into the wrong hands. In that case, users could face scam messages or fall prey to a malicious plot, and they can end up getting scammed for tokens.

Aimedis solution:

Aimedis will pledge to offer complete protection for their users’ data. Medical data is shared inside Health City and their connected wallet addresses. Aimedis will add multiple layers of security that include protocols that verify transactions and instantly report and prohibit suspicious transactions.

Manipulation & Alternate Representations of Reality

That’s the fourth challenge we have to mention for its hazardous effect on corporates’ credibility. To make the picture clear for you, we will recall the memory of Nexon’s fake video.

MIT and Mozilla recently released a deep fake video. It presents President Nixon while announcing that Apollo 11 had failed in its mission to the moon. That deceiving video uses AI technology to render the old video of the president into a fake reality. It has received a lot of coverage and fueled the conversation about manipulation and ethics in the new world.

Aimedis’ solution

Aimedis is crafting the optimal protocol to guide ethical-based decision-making. Those decisions will imply respecting users’ data and banning manipulative behaviors in the community.

Ensuring the integrity of information and committing to a truthful policy is the core value that Aimedis ensures in Health City.


Health City will be a one-of-a-kind Metaverse experience that will change the healthcare services on the web. Blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world will give all metaverse projects a more immersive, limitless experience. But it will also create big challenges. Privacy and Safety are on the top concerns users will expect to face. Ensuring safety and security while maintaining a solid code of ethics is the main non-negotiable basis that Aimedis pledges to ensure for the community.

As a matter of fact, Aimedis is actually setting up an ethics commission for the medical metaverse consisting of experienced doctors, psychologists, VR & metaverse specialists and lawyers.


Ahead of Informa Arab Health 2022, Aimedis supports the healthcare field in the region with the latest blockchain, AI-supported technology, and solutions.

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #listing #coinmarketcap #coingecko #binancesmartchain #AVA #AimedisVirtualAssistant #AlphaHospital #arabhealth

Sun Dec 19 2021


After two difficult years for global healthcare, we have witnessed the world come together to come up with solutions to overcome battle and conquer Covid19; we have seen over half a thousand companies compete on focusing on the future of healthcare transformation. The global pandemic drove an acceleration in digital innovations across the globe. Aimedis leads the innovation in blockchain-based technology by launching a set of advanced solutions for healthcare providers and patients to help ease pandemic-related outcomes and pave the way to the new generation of blockchain-supported medical data storage and utilization.

Aimedis joins more than 400 companies to exhibit in Arab Health in Dubai in the period between 24 to 27 January 2022 in Dubai World Trade Center. Presenting our latest technology, “Aimedis Health City,” the first metaverse experience in healthcare, and much more.

Big set of doctors different ethnicity and gender. African, Asian, European, Muslim male and female medical team people. Isolated vector illustration.


About Arab Health

For 45 years, Arab Health has been introducing the latest innovative solutions in healthcare. The range of innovations extends from medical imaging devices, computerized surgical equipment, AI-supported innovations, digital solutions, and cost-effective medical disposables. Arab Health is a leading healthcare business platform that connects global businesses with the middle-east market in a liaison that enriches the market and opens opportunities to new innovators in the industry.

Besides technology and innovations, Arab Health introduces Continuing Medical Education (CME) workshops and conferences, providing the latest scientific updates in emerging and trending medical interests.


Aimedis’ mutual Vision with Arab Health

Healthcare innovations, digital solutions, and medical education have been the focus of Aimedis since its foundation in 2019. Aimedis built the first blockchain-based integrative medical platform for doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and services providers. Aimedis introduces the first medical and scientific NFTs that revolutionize medical data utility by offering service providers and companies the first marketplace to buy and sell data at pre-estimated prices.

Aimedis contributes to medical education by providing an extensive medical learning center for practitioners and patients. As a response to the emerging Covid pandemic, Aimedis dedicates part of the learning center to Covid resources, especially for patients with Long Covid. The latter suffer long-term complications of the viral infection. Aimedis helps patients get access to the most reliable evidence-based medical information.


Aimedis launches the first hospital chain in the metaverse (Aimedis Health City) in Arab Health.

Aimedis introduces the first metaverse experience in healthcare service represented in Aimedis Health City. The first hospital chain in the metaverse allows the Aimedis ecosystem to provide medical services in a complete metaverse-based experience.

Aimedis Health City provides an all-in-one Virtual-based medical services and medical data marketplace. The virtual city integrates the Aimedis NFTs, AIMx token, and all the operating services on the platform.

Aimedis will present the first metaverse demo on 24 January 2022 at the Arab Health exhibition, followed by the Steam game platform’s demo release.


“Health City” – Aimedis publishes Health-Metaverse and soon opens the first clinic in it

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #listing #coinmarketcap #coingecko #binancesmartchain #AVA #AimedisVirtualAssistant #AlphaHospital

Fri Dec 10 2021

Aimedis is entering the metaverse.

We are currently working on our own area in the digital space, including the Aimedis Virtual Hospital group – our own chain of clinics.

The digital parallel world has the potential to digitize entire branches of industry – including the medical sector. We are about to establish our own medical area in the virtual world, where patients, medical staff, clinics, universities and companies from the pharmaceutical industry or insuraces, among others, have the opportunity to interact digitally with one another.

In the Aimedis Health City, as our Metaverse is called, other hospitals will also be able to open clinics in the virtual world and rent or buy entire areas. Lease agreements can then be concluded via Aimedis DataxChange, the in-house NFT marketplace, for example.

Our first own hospital in the Metaverse is called the “Alpha Hospital”. For example, therapy sessions, consultations, visits to the doctor and interactions between patients take place here, but also students, medical staff and laypeople are trained.  Our dedicated AI called AVA (Aimedis Virtual Assistant) guides you through the virtual space and brigdes our ecosystem with the metaverse.

The AimX token also fulfills an important function as a means of payment in the Aimedis metaverse. The use of the payment method is not compulsory, but offers you a lot of advantages in the form of discounts, among other things and perks. In addition, AimX recently launched on ProBit (AIMX / USDT) and Pancakeswap (AIMX / BUSD). Please follow AIMX on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko along with other cryptocurrency platforms like or Dextools.

We are currently working on the first demo version of Aimedis Health City. We present the first demo on January 24th, 2022 at the Arab Health 2022 in Dubai. Shortly afterwards we plan to provide a demo version on the Steam game platform. We are currently developing on the Unity Engine and Unreal Engine 5.

The connection of IoT devices and trackers will also play a major role in Health City.

Stay tuned for more information, the first version of Aimedis Health City is aimed to be released around Q1 – 2022.

The Aimedis token (AIMX) has been listed !

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #listing #coinmarketcap #coingecko #binancesmartchain

Wed Dec 08 2021

Dear Aimedis community, we are glad to announce that the Aimedis token (AIMX) (contract ID on BEP20: 0xd376F64bb7db90E11e78C91cbd58b756e1B8E7a1) has been listed both on Probit Global ( and Pancakeswap (

The seed and private sale, the IDO and IEO have all been sold out and were oversubscribed.

Besides AIMX has been listed on Coinmarketcap ( and Coingecko (

Buy, hodl and participate in our exciting journey into the metaverse, the world of medical NFTs and a new way of healthcare.

Thank you to all our supporters and our fantastic community for making this possible.


Ben and Michael and the entire Aimedis team

Public Sales have been finished successfully!

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi

Tue Nov 30 2021

Dear Aimedis community,

we are proud, happy and thankful to announce that both the IDO and the IEO have been closed successfully.

All rounds were sold out in no time, the IDO was multiple times oversubscribed.

We are glad to have such a dedicated and great community.

The listing on Probit will happen shortly, stay tuned for the exact day and time.

Thank you all!

Your Aimedis team

Aimedis represented on Total Health Europe 2021 by Reuters Events

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi #Reuters #ReutersEvents #TotalHealthEurope

Sat Nov 27 2021

Aimedis talks and presents the Aimedis platform @ Total Health Europe 2021 from November 29 – 30. We show how to handle lots of the problems discussed and lead a way in healthcare for the post-pandemic world. Aimedis offers a large amount of applications and solutions including new technologies like NFTs and the first hospital chain in the metaverse.

The traditional processes of European healthcare are failing

Post-pandemic European healthcare providers face overburdened workforces and patients that struggle to access the care that they require. We must install new more efficient ways of working; embrace the technology available, make more accurate data informed decisions, improve our collaboration and expand the care setting beyond the confines of our hospitals and clinics.

Aimedis HealthFi explained

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale #healthFi #DeFi

Tue Nov 23 2021


Serves as a DeFi product on Aimedis ecosystem


1- Diversifying the utility and extending the trading characteristic of the medical and scientific NFTs on the Aimedis platform

2- Creating an instant and direct market between private sector hospitals and patients using the medical data as a part of the insurance-model payment scheme for medical services.

3- Encouraging patients to be part of the Aimedis ecosystem by subscribing to HealthFi services that grant them medical services at lower costs than could be loaned/credited, incentivized, or purchased on collateral against (Their medical data or AIMx token).

4- Encouraging Hospitals (especially big chains private sector hospitals) to partner with Aimedis by offering them the HealthFi model that drives them more revenue and helps them acquire larger market share, especially in medical services that are not covered by regular health insurance such as ophthalmology, dentistry, and plastic surgery.

HealthFi Thesis

First, from a private sector hospital’s perspective

1- Private hospitals have patients’ data from their workflow; hospitals incorporate it in medical NFTs on the Aimedis marketplace.

2- These NFTs will have a pre-estimated price tag, with a bracket for every medical and therapeutic category. For instance,

– Chronic disorders X USD

– Oncology and Cancer treatment 10X USD

– Covid-related treatment 5X USD

3- Now, hospitals know the value of each medical service they give based on medical data extracted during the treatment process.

4- Hospitals can partner with Aimedis to use the platform to store and organize data for each patient.

5- Aimedis hospital partners are featured on the platform and published for patients based on geographic algorithms. So patients around the world can use a feature to know where the nearest hospital is Aimedis partner. In other words (Hospitals that accept medical data as payment and, moreover, “Crypto” payments).


Benefits for hospitals from this partnership?

1- Drive more revenue from the increased workflow (especially in medical services that are not covered by insurance or fancy non-essential services that generally have a lower flow).

2- Maximizing the profits from the expenses paid to cover (medical devices, instruments, human resources, and infrastructures).

3- Help get global recognition for Health Tourism for the exclusive services they provide.

4- Institutional exposure in Crypto for corporates that have this planned.

5- Acquiring a larger market share in specific services (Dental, cosmetic, plastic surgery, Bariatric surgery, Chiropractic care, and others.

6- Acquiring patients’ medical data permanently, which they can monetize in the B2B NFTs marketplace at a pre-estimated value.


Second, from the patients” perspective.


1- Patients pay heavily for health insurance which in some cases doesn’t cover everything. OR cover with a limited quota.

2- Patients with no health insurance could be exposed to large bills, especially after the government credits them (The USA model).

3- In poorer countries, patients neither have insurance nor could have medical services in advance that the government can credit them for later. Which causes a lot of treatment failure and a high mortality rate for easily preventable conditions.



1- Patients have medical data generated, collected, and organized by service providers and will be monetized in the B2B NFTs marketplace at a pre-estimated value.

2- Patients can choose between waiting for the NFTs to be sold by service providers, getting their incentives, or getting medical services from Aimedis partners as a loan against their medical data in the NFTs as a collateral.

3- Patients can get medical services from the same service provider that has their data in the NFT owned by the hospital FOR FREE and close a direct sale automatically by smart contracts for their medical data to the service provider. (Direct exchange of medical data for the medical service).

4- In case of medical service for loan on medical data collateral:

Case #1

Patients repay their loan to the hospitals on the due date and keep their slot in NFTs open (which is compounding by adding more data in the future) and get incentivized as soon as the NFT is sold.

Case #2

Patients can’t repay their loan or exceed the due date, smart contracts automatically liquidate their slot in the NFT, and the data acquisition moves to the service provider.

Case #3

Suppose the medical service initially estimates more than the patient’s incentive in the medical NFT. In that case, patients can deposit AIMx to increase the collateral size and get more medical services.

Case #4

Patients can STAKE AIMx at a 12.5% interest rate to gain the following benefits:

1- Receiving medical services that could be paid annually by the APY (at a 10% discount).

2- Increasing collateral size exponentially by staking the AIMx deposit similar to Case #3

3- Receiving special access to all Aimedis digital services for patients.

4- Extending medical services loan due date period compared to normal collateralization.

From Aimedis perspective

1- Extending the current medical and scientific B2B NFTs functionality by adding an instant market between patients and hospitals.

2- Using the model to directly market the Aimedis platform for big chains hospitals by offering the benefits of the HealthFi model.

3- Increasing users for the Aimedis platform of patients who want to benefit from the HealthFi model that will grant them a wide range of options introduced for THE FIRST TIME IN HEALTH CARE.

1- Medical services as a loan (using medical data Or Crypto as collateral).

2- Staking AIMx for accessing free medical services.

3- Completely FREE medical service (Medical services for medical data).


10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Aimedis IDO

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#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale

Mon Nov 22 2021


As our project grows, we aim to continue to serve patients and communities and raise the bar of healthcare services globally. Aimedis is proud to announce our IDO on November 25, 2021, along with simultaneous listings on ProBit and TrustSwap Launchpad via Sekuritance.

As a leader in new technologies in the healthcare sector, Aimedis is proud to engage in and collaborate with leaders in healthcare applications. With big dreams come significant realities. Our project is now in a new phase due to hard work, a dedicated team, and continued progress. To that end, we are excited to announce our upcoming IDO on November 25, 2021.


How to participate in the Aimedis IDO?

Participating in our IDO is simple:

  1. Prepare your due diligence profile at and select “onboarding” to create your investor profile.
  2. Check out the official Aimedis Participation form at
  3. Registration for the IDO opens 48 hours before the IDO date launch and closes 6 hours before the same deadline.
  4. Base allocation is calculated depending on the number of participants.
  5. When the IDO sale starts, registered participants with guaranteed allocations, lottery winners, and whitelist winners can fund their allocations in the pool.
  6. FCFS round starts 1 hour before the IDO sale
  7. Once the sale is finished, Sekuritance provides this crucial data to the Project Team. The team will send emails to the eligible participants with instructions on where to send the funds.


What are the potential benefits from acquiring AIMx at the IDO?

  1. Benefit from first-mover advantage: When buying tokens, the earlier your entry, the higher your reward. When you buy into our IDO, you enter on the ground floor. When introduced to the market, every new successful technology faces an adoption curve; the early adopters represent the group of people (users and token holders) who identify and capture the opportunity in the early stages and set themselves up for long-term success.
  2. Benefits from immediate liquidity: Token liquidity impact trading and trust — that’s why choosing a high liquidity platform is crucial. The Initial Dex Offering provides instant liquidity that gives everyone the leverage of buying a flexible amount of the token with immediate supply. Because tokens are locked, the liquidity we provide will last, and users will not suffer from dumping or “rug-pulls.”
  3. Benefit from the low cost of the token: The AIMx token will start at a low price on the Initial Dex Offering. Acquiring the token at the lowest price gives the token holder the best chance to reap long-term rewards on their investment.
  4. Meet Aimedis’ long-term goals: Aimedis’ platform, products, and services will help healthcare institutions meet the high service demand and maintain the highest quality standards. Aimedis will help manage and prevent diseases and save lives by introducing our technology to legacy institutions over the years. Meeting our long-term goals will achieve high profitability that early token holders will benefit from, either by utilizing our platform or trading our token.
  5. Obtain access to the first medical and scientific NFTs market (DataXChange): Our medical and scientific NFT marketplace provides well-structured, credible, and traceable medical data collected by trusted healthcare providers. The DataXChange marketplace allows data providers such as contract research organizations and healthcare providers to monetize medical data by selling it at a pre-estimated price in NFTs bought by pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The buying/selling on the NFTs marketplace utilizes the AIMx token as a primary payment method, allowing both sides to profit from the AIMx token.
  6. Join the latest trend in blockchain and token technology: The Aimedis Social medical platform (AIMSocial) will adapt the usage of the AIMx token also as a social token, never offering before known opportunities in participating and making revenues through social and medical interaction. This platform is for patients, by patients.
  7. Staking: Stake AIMx to receive yields as high as 12.5%. Lockup time for staking is at least six months. Keep in mind that we will burn 2% of the total existing AIMx tokens for the first five years following the IDO. After five years, decentralized governance will decide about the continuation of the burning program. Burning is a built-in deflationary mechanism we introduced to our tokenomics to protect our token buyers and early adopters.
  8. Benefit from our token rewards program: We will reward free AIMx tokens for active users and creators, including influencers, vloggers, moderators, surveys, and focus groups. Users can earn AIMx by building local communities as Aimedis ambassadors, building on their initial IDO purchase.
  9. Benefit from a 10% discount on all AIMx utility cases: All Aimedis users can utilize AIMx to pay for services on the platform. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and companies can buy, hold, and use AIMx to access all our services and products. Users can also use AIMx to enable social media functions and functions inside the platform. AIMx will be the primary currency in Aimedis DataXChange, the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace. Users get a 10% discount on services when using AIMx as a payment method, giving you more bang for your buck when using your IDO AIMx tokens on our platform.
  10. Support the future of healthcare: Healthcare is an expensive, complicated, and diverse entity. Aimedis is just beginning to scratch the surface of what we will accomplish in the field. From medical records, appointment scheduling, documentation, and prescriptions, we are revamping the industry and converting legacy institutions to benefit from the wonders of blockchain technology and our innovative technology. By taking part in our IDO, you are participating in a technological revolution within the healthcare realm.



With our IDO, not only will Aimedis gain a marketplace for its AIMx tokens. But, more importantly, Aimedis has gained a partner for the future development of our platform and community. Aimedis’ community and ecosystem will enjoy media and marketing support from Sekuritance, their marketing partners, and the TrustSwap group as well as from Probit and their marketing operations. As well, we will benefit from the companies and communities they are associated with. This marketing support creates an optimal environment of trust and confidence in Aimedis. It will help set us up for future success in the market.

Aimedis launches the first Initial Exchange Listing on Probit on 25 November as well as an IDO in collaboration with Sekuritance and TrustSwap’s ‘The Crypto App’

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI #publicsale

Sun Nov 14 2021


About TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a cross-chain DeFi provider that allows token swaps and provides a trustless P2P escrow service that incorporates the most revolutionary technologies in the blockchain.

TrustSwap introduced Decentralized subscription and cross-chain payment models through smart contracts that aim to promote mass adoption of DeFi products on the blockchain. The Crypto App has over 2.5M users and we will have dedicated advertising in the coming days leading up to the launch.


Sekuritance has built world-class investor due diligence mechanisms to screen participation into the IDO and ensure only eligible participants contribute to the project as directed by the project’s jurisdictional and legal requirements. On the 25th November 2021, a dedicated page from Sekuritance will open up allowing investors to pledge their contribution. We invite all would-be-investors and interested parties to finalize their due diligence process ahead of time to ensure the pledge process on the day will be fast and smooth. Sekuritance together with its Launchpad partnerships continues to contribute to the ecosystem by introducing its sustainability, security, and transparency to help its customers launch their projects and token sale. Aimedis spotted the opportunity to launch the Initial Dex Offering with Sekuritance as partners to join the community of the successful project launches on the platform.

Safety & Compliance

Sekuritance aims to protect the community from the risk of immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token launches by introducing the client project to token lockup mechanisms as well as vesting possibilities based on the project tokenomics, which is a full-audited service that locks up tokens for early adopters, developers, teams, and buyers until a particular development milestone is achieved.

Why does Aimedis choose Token Lock and Vesting mechanisms?

Token Lock and vesting services can securely lock up tokens for the team, developers, and early adopters to be released only after certain development milestones or waiting periods are met. This system can provide all parties and investors with peace of mind and the assurance that no one will “exit scam” or dump their OTC coins on a shaky new market. It also holds project teams and developers accountable to their communities by tying payments to concrete achievements untrustworthy and transparently.

Aimedis’ community and ecosystem will enjoy media and marketing support from the Sekuritance, their marketing partners and the TrustSwap group Companies and the various communities they are involved in. This marketing support creates an optimal environment of trust and confidence in the community and can help set Aimedis up for a marathon of success in the market.

How can the Aimedis community participate in the upcoming 25th November IDO?

  1. You can prepare your due diligence profile on: and select “onboarding” as that will create and update your investor profile
  2. Official Aimedis Participation form opens at
  3. Registration for the IDO opens 48 hours before the IDO start date and closes 6 hours before
  4. Lottery levels winners and whitelist winners are announced
  5. Base allocation is calculated. It depends on the number of participants and ensures that there are enough tokens for guaranteed allocation.
  6. When the IDO sale starts, registered participants with guaranteed allocation, lottery, and whitelist winners can fund their allocations in the pool
  7. FCFS round starts 1 hour before the IDO sale end
  8. Once the sale is finished, Sekuritance provides this crucial data to the Project team and emails to the eligible participants will be sent with instructions of where to send the funds

About Probit Exchange

ProBit is a secure and professional decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which offers a wide selection of trading pairs of altcoins, DeFi tokens, staking events, low-fee trading, and other popular crypto services accessible via quick and straightforward email registration.

Why did Aimedis choose Probit for IEO?

Users of the Probit exchange platform enjoy the following benefits:

1- Low trading fees

2- Wide selection of cryptocurrencies

3- No forced KYC

4- Well-designed exchange and excellent UX with a user-friendly dashboard.

5- Professional team and customer service

6- Large Base of Crypto-to-crypto exchange:

ProBit offers users to trade more than 340 cryptocurrencies in nearly 600 markets, making it one of the best exchanges for the latest coins and tokens.

7- Highly secure exchange: ProBit has not experienced any breaches previously as the exchange adheres to the highest security standards on its powerful 150,000 orders per second capable of processing exchange.

About Aimedis IDO Planning

After the successful private and seed sale for AIMx, we offer our community to buy publicly, hold, or trade AIMx on decentralized exchange platforms starting with TrustSwap and Probit beginning on 25 November. AIMx is utilized in all Aimedis platform services, and users can use it to pay at a 10% discount for all services offered.

The initial projected liquidity will be 60.000.000 AIMx tokens from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens with a 2% annual burning rate in the first five years after IDO.

How can you utilize AIMx?

All Aimedis users can utilize AIMx to pay for services on the platform. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and companies can buy, hold, and use AIMx to access all our services and products. Users can also use AIMx to enable social media functions and functions inside the platform.

AIMx will be the primary currency in Aimedis DataXChange, the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace.

Users get a 10% discount on services when using AIMx as a payment method on the platform.

AIMx will enable governance on future decisions inside the system, the social & medical metaverse and the NFT marketplace.

AIMx will gain DeFi aspects with the launch of the medical NFT marketplace.

What benefits can you get from staking AIMx?

1 Stake = 200,000 AIMx. A min. of 200k AIMx is required to participate in the yield farming program. Stake for x months, receive 12.5% interest in AIMx. For example, if users stakes 200.000 AIMx for 12months => 12,5% interest (25.000 AIMx Tokens). Lockup time for staking is at least six months.

What is the AIMx token burning mechanism?

We will burn 2% of the total existing AIMx tokens for the five years following the IDO. After five years, decentralized governance will decide about the continuation of the burning program.

What is the AIMx token reward program?

We will reward free AIMx tokens for active users and creators, including influencers, vloggers, moderators, surveys, and focus groups. We will also initiate AIMx funding for creative projects to spread awareness for epidemic diseases in certain areas. Users can earn AIMx by building local communities as Aimedis ambassadors.

We will reward participants in the Aimedis social healthcare ecosystem. Including blogs, podcasts, video, and chat groups. Content creators can use AIMx to enable premium features to publish their content on the platform.

What is the AIMx estimated liquidity?

An initial amount of 60.000.000 AIMx tokens will be available for private, and public sales from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens as total projected liquidity.

What category is the AIMx token?

The AIMx token can be summarized as a payment, utility, DeFi, governance, and social / metaverse token.

How Aimedis supports geriatric care in hospitals to improve senior healthcare efficiency

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare […]

#Aimedis #AIMX #AIMXtoken #token #Blockchain #AimedisNFT #NFT #Non-Fungible-Tokens #ehealth #healthcare #IDO #IEO #metaverse #AI

Thu Nov 11 2021


There are many issues with the global healthcare system. One common and crystal-clear problem is that older adults with a specific chronic disease may not get treatment because it is too expensive, even if they have insurance coverage for health care costs. Another issue with global senior healthcare is finding a good doctor when you need one, and this can also lead to other problems like high costs of care or lack of insurance coverage for all treatments, which can result in further problems down the line in life, including, difficulty at work or school because of sicknesses, diseases, or injuries during adulthood that progressed severely. The circular nature of illness and disadvantage is hurting our population and especially our elderly. Our seniors face three primary obstacles: increased life expectancy with declining quality of life due to chronic conditions, rising healthcare service costs, and a shortage of qualified medical practitioners for geriatric care.

Geometric abstract background with colorful hexagons. Structure molecule and communication. Science, technology and medical concept. Vector panorama illustration

We studied seniors’ concerns when seeking healthcare and leveraged Aimedis’ vast resources to solve these challenging issues. Here is how:

First, leverage Aimedis’ patient data center to increase provider access to patients’ medical data and provide connected care.

With our aging population, more and more people are living longer lives than ever before. But for many of these seniors, their health declines as they age, making it challenging to lead a healthy lifestyle in their golden years. This decline can have devastating effects on both mental and physical well-being in some cases.

Our technology

Aimedis patient data center, on the Aimedis platform, helps doctors manage chronic diseases by giving them more solid access to monitoring disease progression through a blockchain-backed data center. The objective of treatment in chronic conditions is not to treat but to slow progression and increase the quality of life for patients with chronic conditions. How is this achieved? The patient data center helps doctors closely monitor the progress, with all patients’ data available and connected in one place, lab tests, diagnostic scans, referrals, etc. Our data center allows our physicians and other healthcare staff to deliver efficient and connected care to our patients.

Second, use technology to lower the cost of healthcare for seniors.

Healthcare costs for seniors are rising, and the current system does not do enough to protect them. The idea that people should retire and enjoy their golden years is quickly being replaced by the increasing need for expensive senior assisted living facilities, medical bills, and insurance premiums due to our aging population. Costs associated with long-term health problems can become so high that they are unaffordable or unsustainable, causing many older adults who no longer have any income to become dependent on Medicare benefits. By providing a patient-centric data system, Aimedis lowers costs and decreases the time required for hospital stays by providing remote monitoring and centralized patient information.

Increase access of emergency centers to the elder population to help in life-threatening situations

An abundance of health care problems plagues the elderly. The high demand for care and low qualified practitioners supply is causing a shortage of qualified geriatric medicine professionals available to help. The physician and nurse shortage that we are suffering now, worsened by the COVID19 pandemic, has made it clear that we are in a severe provider deficit. Seniors, especially those who live alone, may face difficulty accessing medical help when in need. For these seniors to maintain a quality of life at this stage, they must find ways to connect with others who share similar experiences, as well as have constant access to medical care to seek in an emergency.

Aimedis sees this need clearly; thus, patients can access emergency centers to report life-threatening conditions with our integrated medical system. The system connects the nearest emergency center with the patient’s report. Furthermore, the emergency center can access the patient’s medical data to get accurate information about the patient’s medical history, which significantly helps doctors make life-saving decisions in emergency rooms.


The global healthcare system is riddled with various problems, the most glaring of which are preventable medical errors, poor amenable mortality rates, and a lack of transparency. Patients also report difficulty finding doctors who take their insurance or understandably speak to them about how much treatment will cost before they sign up for it because high costs could be crippling without coverage from some form of health care program (e.g., Medicare).

The senior healthcare professionals shortage isn’t helping either – we’re working to provide healthcare systems solutions to balance this shortage! Solving geriatric care issues is no easy feat. Aimedis is a leader in technological advancements and is always eager to introduce novel technologies to solve age-old problems. The benefits we provide today will be seen for years to come in our generation and future ones. We are preparing for tomorrow’s healthcare.