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to prevent misunderstandings we want to make clear, that Aimedis still has no official contract with Pfizer Deutschland GmbH.

Aimedis discusses team up with different pharmaceutical companies

The clinical trials today are quite rigorous. However, in the end, they are conducted only on a few thousand patients. So, the pharmaceutical companies do something called as a post-marketing surveillance, or pharmacovigilance.

Pharmacovigilance essentially entails looking out for any new adverse reactions to the medicines after they are available to the public. If you read any pack insert of a medicine you might be taking, you can see a number to call in case you experience any side effects. This is a part of Pharmacovigilance.

Aimedis is going to use the power of AI to better patient treatment, and here is how.

The project Aimedis would be undertaking tracking the information of patients who receive these antibacterials. Aimedis would gather data about the disease, the state of the patient, treatment given, outcomes, post-discharge care up to a limited time.

Using AI and the power of blockchain, Aimedis would be able to analyse this data that could be used to identify patients that might need similar care, all the while equipping the medical personnel with potential new side-effects, even after discharge. This way, the overall patient experience would be better in the days to come.

Notable partners for this project are SRH group of hospitals, the 7th largest chain of hospitals in Germany. There are talks with other hospitals for potential partnerships as well.

What this news means to an investor

A project by a major pharmaceutical company could be a big deal! And, more and more hospitals are getting onboard with us. In addition, other pharmaceutical companies, as well as Insurance players, are interested in this project! This highlights the faith the Healthcare industry has in the future of AI.

So, as in investor in Aimedis, you can rest assured that your investment has a huge potential. We have a sound team and promising offerings that are reasonably priced – a recipe for success. So if you are an investor, you can relax.

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