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Fri Nov 05 2021


The metaverse is a virtual world that you can build, transact, and collaborate with others as a digital entity. Unlike a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting, which starts and ends at preset times, the metaverse is always there, allowing you to enter and entertain at will. The metaverse was coined by the sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson in his 1992 book “Snow Crash.” Over the last several weeks, it has taken over talk show programs and cable news discussions because social-media giant Facebook decided to change its name from “Facebook” to “Meta.” The burgeoning crypto/AR/VR/meta-universe has multiple companies eyeing its future as a mecca of users flocking to this alternate universe. Aimedis has already developed the workflow and throughput to collaborate with metaverse companies and lead the charge in intertwining metaverse interactions with healthcare.


We studied healthcare systems’ issues and leveraged Aimedis’ vast resources to use metaverse applications to solve these challenging issues. Here is how:

First, the metaverse technology can significantly increase efficiency and accuracy in highly complicated procedures. 

Healthcare is known to be labor-intensive and skill-dependent. It takes decades to train a proficient surgeon who may only operate for another decade when the surgeon finishes training. This issue is especially critical in rare or complex procedures where the number of qualified, trained practitioners is limited to start with. A virtual metaverse where highly-skilled surgeons can practice across the world with the same skill and train new physicians would drastically overhaul healthcare and change the status quo for the better. Metaverse applications in surgical and clinic-based scenarios can expand access for patients while allowing doctors to treat more patients.

The metaverse technology will add another depth and power for the current microscopic techniques inside the surgical rooms. Operating surgeries using a surgical microscope with high zooming ability can significantly increase the success rate and decrease the probabilities of complications. Adding such technology to the system will empower surgeons with another powerful tool to visualize internal spaces and organs to give them better visualization and grant them more precise practice.

Second, improve medical training. 

Healthcare training is fragmented and non-universal. Medical students’ training varies by region and even by time. Training materials are non-standardized, and missing a day of schooling can mean never learning the pathophysiology of a common diagnosis. With the metaverse, all healthcare staff can experience the same standardized, evidence-based education, no matter where or when they are educated. This alternate universe allows you to see a virtual patient, make a diagnosis, treat the patient, and follow up — all in near-reality.

Third, improve treatment outcomes.

Lastly, the metaverse will improve healthcare outcomes. Better education, more affordable costs, more time for doctors to see and treat patients — all this leads to better patient outcomes. We also can understand that better results show fewer costs down the line. The metaverse is a win-win for patients, providers, and healthcare systems. Aimedis will be at the forefront of taking the lead in metaverse applications in the healthcare industry.


How does Aimedis connect metaverse technology providers with healthcare providers?

The metaverse is new to many, and the benefits will undoubtedly be seen over the next few years and decades. It is imperative that we trust the process of progress and not stifle it with fear of change. Regulated, incremental improvements to our healthcare system are necessary and beneficial.

Aimedis is a leader in technological advancements and is always ready to include novel technologies, including the metaverse, into its arsenal as a leading healthcare ecosystem.

Aimedis is growing the biggest healthcare community and connecting a medical ecosystem that will be ready to implement new technologies as fast as it is prepared to use.


First, Aimedis will provide metaverse technology providers with needed medical data.

Aimedis B2B NFTs marketplace provides the resources of reliable, traceable, and organized medical data provided by trusted medical providers and data collectors. This market will ensure that the new technology providers have the correct and sufficient medical data of users, which they will inevitably need to use to develop the technology and make it more beneficial to users.

Second, Aimedis will connect healthcare facilities with metaverse technology providers.

The Aimedis platform and services users can get the newest technology as we partner with the technology providers at the best prices. Using the native AIMx token will ensure a constant discount for metaverse services provided by our partners for healthcare institutions and medical service providers.

Leveraging metaverse technology to assist in surgery or medical training can not only expand healthcare access for physicians and physicians-in-training, but it will also decrease the costs of such activities for everyone. These benefits will improve healthcare outcomes and are advantageous for all participants in the healthcare system.


  • The Aimedis Team