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Mon May 31 2021

DNA helix, and scientist holding a test tube, 3d illustration


The pharmaceutical industry is a fundamental part of the healthcare ecosystem. Dealing with drug development and medical research primarily beside the distribution and the retail of medications. From the last two functions, we can classify the pharmaceutical industry into two major sections. Pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. Both of them carry the weight of developing, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing medications around the globe in a hugely competitive, demanding, and critical market.

To brief about the size of the market, the statistics show that the total research and development spending globally is estimated to be 186 billion USD in 2019.

Aimedis provides services and solutions to all the major pharmaceutical industry domains. In this article, we will show you Aimedis’s vision to develop the pharmaceutical industry. We will show how we achieve that, what services we provide, and how the AIMx token is utilized in these services.


1 – Pharmaceutical companies (Drug development)

In February 2021, clinical studies reached a total estimated registration of 366 thousand. This number has increased significantly since 2000. Clinical trials are vital for the research and development of new drugs for pharmaceutical companies.

Aimedis Contribution: The medical and scientific NFTs

AIMx Utility: The primary payment method in DataXChange (The first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace). Pharmaceutical companies can buy AIMx tokens to use them in payment in the marketplace for a 10% discount on all services offered.


Goal: Provide pharmaceutical companies with reliable, well-structured, and traceable medical data collected by trusted data providers such as contract research organizations and healthcare providers.



Aimedis provides a direct exchange of the medical data from professional data providers with pharmaceutical companies in need of this data with no intermediaries on the DataXChange marketplace. This helps pharmaceutical companies use these credible and traceable data in drug development.


Smart contracts regulate a secure exchange on the blockchain for these NFTs, showing a transparent sequence of the data exchange and the commitment on each party, automatically executing the terms of contracts in any condition.


2 – Community pharmacies, pharmacy chains.

Aimedis contribution: The Aimedis platform (Pharmacy interface).

AIMx Utility: Pharmacies can use AIMx to pay for all services at a 10% discount.


Goal: Help pharmacies minimize errors concerning prescriptions insurance coverage. Providing a highly functional system that helps save and utilize patients’ data and benefit from the integration with hospitals and doctors’ systems to get instant and accurate prescription information.



Aimedis provides a highly integrative platform for pharmacies with a user interface allowing pharmacies to access patients’ prescriptions and download it to approve and dispense medications as prescribed. This functionality helps pharmacies coordinate with insurance companies, covering a share of the prescription cost with the patient. The Aimedis platform helps pharmacies get the official prescription from doctors in the Aimedis ecosystem with precise diagnoses, medications, and doses. This helps accelerate the dispensation of the drug accurately without any dispensing errors.


3 – Hospital Pharmacies

Aimedis contribution: Drug information center access, patient data center access.

AIMx Utility: Hospital pharmacies can access the Aimedis platform as part of the hospital system and use AIMx to pay for all services at a 10% discount.


Goal: Help maximize the medication efficacy and minimize side effects by the individualization of therapy.



Aimedis provides hospital pharmacies with access to the patient data center, which tracks all patient’s previous prescriptions, including current medication and the medication history.

This helps pharmacies check the new prescription for drug-drug interactions, which will also be supported by the system itself using AI routines, and adjust the doses to reach the most efficient dosing for the patient according to the personal data (age, weight, sex, concurrent morbidities, current medications).

Aimedis plans to provide hospital pharmacies with a drug information center to instantly help pharmacists get drug information when requested by a doctor. Drug information centers also help screen the efficacy of certain antibiotics against infections and help decide or change the antibiotic to more sensitive classes according to the blood culture (antibiogram).