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Sun Jun 06 2021


What are altcoins?

Altcoins include all the alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, which share the same basic framework while serving different functions as utilities in their own medium and as an asset that delivers the ability to store and exchanging value in the crypto economy.

Altcoins created a promising market for buyers by differentiating themselves with special utilities and functions that attract buyers both from inside the coin’s ecosystem and from the outer pool as retailer buyers.

What are the AIMx token’s classification and function?

First, AIMx represents a utility-based altcoin.

Altcoins include multiple types depending on the utility and functionality. AIMx represents a utility token that is used by the medical ecosystem as a payment method for the services and goods on the Aimedis platform.

The AIMx token utilization is not limited to services payment. Aimedis presents the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace which accepts AIMx as a payment method and reward medical data providers with a pre-estimated AIMx based price for their credible and traceable medical data.

Second, AIMx represents a stake-based altcoin.

Staking cryptocurrencies gives the holders financial and technical benefits beyond the monetary value of the coin. Staking coins offer yielding passive profits in the form of annual interest on holding stakes for a period of time. Aimedis will offer aIMx stakes through the Initial Dex Offering in June.

Holding one stake, which equals 250.000 AIMx (0,04 USD = 1 AIMX) for 12 months, grants you an initial 12.5% interest in AIMx with a minimum lockup time of 6 months. Yielding a return of 31.250 AIMx tokens for that year.

Who can benefit from buying AIMx tokens?

Internally, service users, the Aimedis community, and the ecosystem.

Everyone in the Aimedis ecosystem can benefit from buying AIMx by utilizing the token on the platform and using AIMx to pay for services at a discount of 10% of the same FIAT value or other cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. Aimedis community buyers also benefit from the price movements at the same time, as buying an early AIMx token can give a large profit window to holders who can utilize AIMx at a higher value in the future as the token increase in price.

Internally, content creators, data providers, medical instructors.

This group of AIMx token holders represents the other side of the exchange. Every service on the platform leverages equal opportunity of value exchange for everyone. For example, the DataXChange NFTs marketplace gives data providers to earn AIMx tokens by buying their medical data in the form of NFTs. At the same time, the Aimedis eLearning and eTeaching platform provides the same opportunity for medical instructors by allowing them to earn by teaching and creating content. In the upcoming AIMSocial – the first decentralized and incentivized social medical networt, the AIMx token will play a major role.

The diversity of AIMx utilization provides an excellent environment for a natural token exchange, in contrast to other altcoins, which are often exclusively exchanged on trading platforms and in P2P markets. Aimedis provides a Business-to-consumer model for the AIMx token that potentiates the coin utility and gives it a dimension of exchange that most altcoins lack.

Externally, retail buyers, traders, long-term holders.

Anyone outside the Aimedis ecosystem can buy AIMx tokens and benefit from the price momentum and the community’s long-term growth.

An initial amount of 135.000.000 AIMx tokens will be available for purchase in the private and public sales from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens (reducing constantly by burning) as total projected liquidity.

What value does AIMx bring to the altcoins space?

A strong source of diversification

Building a crypto portfolio requires a solid risk mitigation strategy to avoid significant losses in bearish events. This is achieved by diversifying the portfolio between BTC and alts by choosing altcoins with real intrinsic value and representing a business that adds a considerable value in the market with long-term growth potential. Transferring a portion of BTC holding to a strong altcoin increases the long-term performance of portfolios while mitigating risks on bearish events.

Priority token for medical professionals

Physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, and medical practitioners have direct exposure to the healthcare industry; this creates a clear reflection on their perception of the market’s vitality. AIMx will be the first choice for medical professionals in the crypto space because it gives them the leverage of utility in the Aimedis ecosystem (which will cover all healthcare services medical professionals need), besides providing the huge opportunity to make profits out of their own industry growth. Time to jump on the Aimedis IDO now!