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Fri Dec 10 2021

Aimedis is entering the metaverse.

We are currently working on our own area in the digital space, including the Aimedis Virtual Hospital group – our own chain of clinics.

The digital parallel world has the potential to digitize entire branches of industry – including the medical sector. We are about to establish our own medical area in the virtual world, where patients, medical staff, clinics, universities and companies from the pharmaceutical industry or insuraces, among others, have the opportunity to interact digitally with one another.

In the Aimedis Health City, as our Metaverse is called, other hospitals will also be able to open clinics in the virtual world and rent or buy entire areas. Lease agreements can then be concluded via Aimedis DataxChange, the in-house NFT marketplace, for example.

Our first own hospital in the Metaverse is called the “Alpha Hospital”. For example, therapy sessions, consultations, visits to the doctor and interactions between patients take place here, but also students, medical staff and laypeople are trained.  Our dedicated AI called AVA (Aimedis Virtual Assistant) guides you through the virtual space and brigdes our ecosystem with the metaverse.

The AimX token also fulfills an important function as a means of payment in the Aimedis metaverse. The use of the payment method is not compulsory, but offers you a lot of advantages in the form of discounts, among other things and perks. In addition, AimX recently launched on ProBit (AIMX / USDT) and Pancakeswap (AIMX / BUSD). Please follow AIMX on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko along with other cryptocurrency platforms like nomics.com or Dextools.

We are currently working on the first demo version of Aimedis Health City. We present the first demo on January 24th, 2022 at the Arab Health 2022 in Dubai. Shortly afterwards we plan to provide a demo version on the Steam game platform. We are currently developing on the Unity Engine and Unreal Engine 5.

The connection of IoT devices and trackers will also play a major role in Health City.

Stay tuned for more information, the first version of Aimedis Health City is aimed to be released around Q1 – 2022.