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Mon 07 March 2022

Aimedis welcomes Dr. Javier Mendoza on the medical board in health city.

We’re glad to announce our partnership with Dr. Javier Mendoza, Gastroenterologist and E-health expert, to be the first doctor featured in Aimedis’s health city in preparation to launch our new VR-telemedicine services in the metaverse.



About Health City

Virtual hospitals are one of the Metaverse applications in the medical industry. They connect patients and doctors in a virtual 3D environment through a metaverse-based interface. We’ve introduced Health city’s demo in the last Arab exhibition for the first time. We had positive feedback from users who loved the 3D virtual experiment.

Once patients install the VR devices (Goggles or other devices into their bodies), they’ll get this virtual experiment and communicate with doctors in more interactive sessions. Health City will introduce a new way of communication in the medical and healthcare industry that has never been before.

About Dr Javier Mendoza

Dr Javier Mendoza is a gastroenterology specialist with 20 years of international experience working in multiple European healthcare countries, including Spain and The Netherlands. Besides his global expertise, Dr. Mendoza holds a master’s in E-health. Now, Dr. Mendoza is on the board to deploy his long experience in E-health and gastroenterology to supervise the new gastroenterology consultations in the metaverse Health City.

A paradigm shift in telemedicine

Aimedis Metaverse Virtual hospitals will revolutionise the telemedicine field, changing how doctors and patients communicate.

Currently, the application of telemedicine is still limited to a few specific specialisations, like Psychiatry and nutrition. In other terms, the current telemedicine model is focused on consultations in fields that don’t require a physical diagnosis.

However, with the adoption of VR (virtual reality), the scope of telemedicine is on the cusp to penetrate even more clinical fields like Gastroenterology.

Doctors can diagnose patients with Gastrointestinal Diseases -or other ones- by communicating with patients in a 3D virtual interface. VR communication will allow doctors to examine, monitor, and consult a wide range of patients remotely for the first time. Leveraging this technology will enable patients to get featured real-life consultations without stepping out of their house.

Mutual vision in eHealth

In Aimedis, we launched our E-health applications for patients. E-health applications help the patients acquire a digital and portable version of their medical records and grant access to different service providers. Our mobile apps are available on ios and android (with 1 million downloads on android’s play store).

Now, the demand for a global medical record containing all the history of diagnoses and treatments of patients is on the rise, especially for people travelling from one country to another for treatment or medical services. Having all of their previous medical history stored in the E-health App, doctors can accurately navigate this data and reach proper conclusions.

The lack of interoperability in Medical records poses many problems for the medical service. It’s the big culprit behind prescription errors and diagnosis errors.

Dr. Mendoza shares the same vision with us on the future of e-Health in the field. Since 2019, Dr. Mendoza has fulfilled medical advisor roles in companies providing eHealth solutions while keeping ethics, empathy and quality care at the forefront.  We will make sure we have this synergism of expertise and effort with him on board to help the healthcare field get better workflow management and to help patients get an enhanced healthcare service experience.