Aimedis SecondOpinion is now Aimedis Elements

Aimedis SecondOpinion has been relaunched as Aimedis Elements as we combine easy accessible ehealth applications


  • Videochat
  • Second Opinion
  • eAppointment
  • ePrescription & eSickCertificate
  • ICU serviceportal
  • Aimedis QM & certification

in one and give doctors & patients the option to access these features outside of the Aimedis ecosystem.
Data from Aimedis Elements can be ported to the Aimedis ecosystem at any time.

Please contact us for further information.


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Second Opinion portal for cardiology now open

Aimedis is happy to announce that our second opinion portal including videochat with cardiologists is publicly available now. We will open the Aimedis ecosystem to the public step by step to offer you the latest eHealth applications on a device of your choice.

You can reach the second opinion portal via clicking the following link:

In case you are searching for support, please drop us a message to

You can also send your documents to this email, which in the next step can be stored in Aimedis at your discretion.


Your Aimedis team


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End of Presale and the Start of a New Adventure: Happy Holidays

2018 has literally been a rollercoaster for Aimedis. Conferences, pitches, events, teamwork to make the dream work. We would like to thank each and every one of you who contributed to where we are today: a running product, in use across 20 hospitals in 4 countries (Europe and Asia).

Presale has ended a few weeks ago, as we announced on our social media channels and in our Telegram community.  We have learned valuable lessons, especially with the crypto market crash. There is no date set for the crowd sale yet.

Thoughts of 2019…

Christmas and New Year’s are a great time to step away from the daily habits and just indulge yourself in quality time with family, friends, loved ones.

To be grateful, and to cherish what the past 12 months have given you. To celebrate and to look forward to the new year. The team will take a break to recharge and prepare for the upcoming steps in our roadmap.


For 2019, we’d like to focus on the development of Aimedis 2.0 and AIMchain, and bring the product and its functionalities into more hospitals, to serve our patients, doctors, and partners (insurance, pharma companies).

Enjoy the winter holidays, wherever you are in the world.

Peace and love,


CCO @ Aimedis

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