Cryptocurrencies including the Aimedis token (AIM) now accepted for payments

We’re glad to announce, that Aimedis now accepts cryptocurrencies including our Aimedis token (AIM) for payments of all medical services available on this site. For now we also accepted Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Aimedis token holders profit in multiple ways when paying for the services using the AIM tokens. First we give a 10% discount on all services paid with the tokens, second we accept the AIM token at a price of 0,15 USD per token, while the initial price was 0,12 USD.

In case you pay your selected services using the AIM tokens please send them to the wallet address stated on the payments page and send us the transaction ID together with your invoice number to

Thus presale token buyers can already profit from their purchase before the tokens gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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End of Presale and the Start of a New Adventure: Happy Holidays

2018 has literally been a rollercoaster for Aimedis. Conferences, pitches, events, teamwork to make the dream work. We would like to thank each and every one of you who contributed to where we are today: a running product, in use across 20 hospitals in 4 countries (Europe and Asia).

Presale has ended a few weeks ago, as we announced on our social media channels and in our Telegram community.  We have learned valuable lessons, especially with the crypto market crash. There is no date set for the crowd sale yet.

Thoughts of 2019…

Christmas and New Year’s are a great time to step away from the daily habits and just indulge yourself in quality time with family, friends, loved ones.

To be grateful, and to cherish what the past 12 months have given you. To celebrate and to look forward to the new year. The team will take a break to recharge and prepare for the upcoming steps in our roadmap.


For 2019, we’d like to focus on the development of Aimedis 2.0 and AIMchain, and bring the product and its functionalities into more hospitals, to serve our patients, doctors, and partners (insurance, pharma companies).

Enjoy the winter holidays, wherever you are in the world.

Peace and love,


CCO @ Aimedis

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Aimedis on tour in Asia from 24 May to June 8

Aimedis will be touring Asia in the next 2 weeks inluding Seoul, Manila, Bangkok and Singapore. Meet us there, we will keep you updated about where to meet, talk and visit our booths. Follow us on telegram and revisit the blog on a regular base to see latest updates.

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Whitelist closing sooner than expected due to high demand

After opening Aimedis whitelisting process, we are seeing much higher demand than anticipated. As of this writing we are seeing up to 5,000 ETH in anticipated presale contributions. We are truly grateful and humbled by the great interest and trust our community has in this project. With your support, we are excited to take Aimedis to the next level!

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