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Aimedis is now part of Digital Health Citizen

Aimedis is proud to annouce that it’s now part of the Digital Health Citizen project in Germany, which is starting in the area of Cologne and Bonn. The project aims for at first up to 10 Million German citizens to store and securely administrate their medical data and connect those citizens to medical services like online appointments, videochat with doctors, prescriptions and much more.

Aimedis platform Version 2 will contribute to this unique project and besides the exisiting cooperations with the known hospital groups, will establish its products on the German healthcare market.

Among other ehealth providers companies like IBM participate in the project but also university hospitals from the area and the Hasso Plattner Institute are now members of the Digital Health Citizen project.

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Aimedis V2 has been launched

We’re happy to announce that Aimedis V2 has been launched and is actually undergoing severe testing.

Thus all functionalities like the medical records, eappointment, eprescription, videochat, sick certificates, second opinion
and adaption of several tracker devices will be available at the public launch.

Also the blockchain functionalities are implemented as planned and the AIM token is easily usable to pay
for the services and access to exclusive functionalities and reward programs.

Aimedis will invite users to participate in the beta testing phase shortly. If you want to be selected please
a message to including all your information and your motivation to use Aimedis.

Your Aimedis team

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Aimedis has openend a new business branch and announces new cooperation

We are again happy to announce a new business branch for Aimedis. Aimedis Staff recruites healthcare professionals from all over Europe to fill the needs of hospitals in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. For that purpose we have integrated DrMedLoc, a well reknown medical recruiter from Germany into the Aimedis family, with Mr. Catherine Angcaya as the director of Aimedis Staff. Her experience and excellent connections in the healthcare space open up great new chances for Aimedis and together with Roxana Nasoi make the perfect team when it comes to human resources and staffing.

Aimedis Staff offers hospitals, practices and healthcare institutions the perfect fit together with the Aimedis ecosystem to fill their needs for people and ehealth applications.

For more information please contact us via

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Cryptocurrencies including the Aimedis token (AIM) now accepted for payments

We’re glad to announce, that Aimedis now accepts cryptocurrencies including our Aimedis token (AIM) for payments of all medical services available on this site. For now we also accepted Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Aimedis token holders profit in multiple ways when paying for the services using the AIM tokens. First we give a 10% discount on all services paid with the tokens, second we accept the AIM token at a price of 0,15 USD per token, while the initial price was 0,12 USD.

In case you pay your selected services using the AIM tokens please send them to the wallet address stated on the payments page and send us the transaction ID together with your invoice number to

Thus presale token buyers can already profit from their purchase before the tokens gets listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Aimedis engaging stronger in healthcare & industry consulting

Aimedis has actually started to enforce its consulting sector and offers healthcare, blockchain and IT consulting (with a focus on healthcare IT security) for a wider range of customers. Aimedis actual customers come from healthcare organizations like hospital groups, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, governmental organizations and consulting firms.

For more information please contact us via or book an appointment via

to get to know, what Aimedis can do for you and how we can help you optimize your workflows.


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Apps for QM and ICU now online in the stores

The native mobile apps for Aimedis QM and ICU can be downloaded now in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

For QM you will need an account before you can start using it.

if you like to get a test account, please contact us via .

ICU is dedicated to medical professionals. For more information please visit .


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Aimedis QM and ICU have been released

Aimedis is proud to announce that we have launched the quality management and certification tool AIMEDIS QM and the Aimedis Intensive Care Unit tool ICU bed earlier than announced. (was Q3,  now already launched in Q2).

In case you do certifications please feel free to ask for a demo account for Aimedis QM and see what we can do for your hospital or practice.

Write a message to or call us.



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Development of Aimedis V2 has reached the next stage.

We’re happy to announce that Aimedis V2 has reached the next step of development. As far as we can say it by now, the rollout of the new platform will take place in Q4-2019. Stay tuned for more media, demos and information here soon.


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Aimedis SecondOpinion is now Aimedis Elements

Aimedis SecondOpinion has been relaunched as Aimedis Elements as we combine easy accessible ehealth applications


  • Videochat
  • Second Opinion
  • eAppointment
  • ePrescription & eSickCertificate
  • ICU serviceportal
  • Aimedis QM & certification

in one and give doctors & patients the option to access these features outside of the Aimedis ecosystem.
Data from Aimedis Elements can be ported to the Aimedis ecosystem at any time.

Please contact us for further information.


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