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Fri Jan 07 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, we are delivering novel and innovative solutions to address the long-term effects of the disease. Long after one recovers from the virus — after pneumonia, fever, and difficulty breathing resolve — Healthcare providers and doctors are noting that the disease is still affecting patients in various ways. We have created a “Long COVID observation module tool to determine the frequency and severity of long-term symptoms to address them better going forward.

Image of flu COVID-19 virus cell. Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak influenza background. Pandemic medical health risk concept.

What is “Long COVID?”

Long COVID is a condition whereby patients who have recovered from COVID (i.e., have a negative test) and have had most of their major symptoms of the infection relieved but still have other longer-term side effects develop and persist. We included commonly reported symptoms in our Long COVID tool, which will allow patients to input their current state of health and monitor their progress as time goes on. This data helps patients keep track of residual symptoms and helps their care team quickly access their data. Moreover, the de-identified Long COVID data will be helpful for scientists tackling the COVID-19 disease. As an Aimedis user, you, the patient, can benefit from your data when it is listed on our NFT data marketplace. In turn, this data is used by the medical community to learn and extrapolate trends of the pandemic to treat the long-term symptoms of the disease. As always, using our platform earns you tokens, not only for utilizing our general platform but including our new Long COVID and future tools, as well! As the generated data grows and patterns emerge, scientists and physicians will be able to identify better and treat the long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

What are the features of the new tool?

The tool includes an observation module that allows patients to track their progress and journal their manifestation by simple questionnaire-like data entry. The questionnaire covers the most reported symptoms in long covid. At the same time, the answers are a scale of metrics such as pain, fatigue, and other manifestations that fluctuate during the post-covid period.

AIMx token reward program for users

We will allocate token rewards for users of the long covid observation module. After completing the tool usage for three months, each user will get a 200 USD value of the AIMx token. To participate in the rewards program, you can fill the following form.

We will shortly release a registration form for Aimedis customers who want to be part of the AIMX token reward program in the Long COVID observation trial.

Aimedis NFTs containing Long COVID data will be available on the Aimedis NFT marketplace soon

Researchers, universities, PhD students and many more can profit from these NFTs and get standardized sets of highly detailed Long-COVID data on Aimedis DataXChange. Stay tuned for the release dates!