Aimedis had an amazing time in Seoul with the Cryptocurrency Expo team, on March 25th, with the occasion of a full-day event catering to the needs of South Korean investors and entrepreneurs.

Meeting the other speakers and understanding that there is common ground in terms of how we all see the future of blockchain technology, and the rise of cryptonomics – all felt like a breath of fresh air. We also had the chance to make the first human blockchain. (Talk about layer 2 Ethereum off-chain upgrades). Check it out below!

Special thanks to the organizers Shahin Pilli & JP, along with their Bangkok team (Haven, Krystel & co). And great meeting these amazing speakers: Michele Orzan, Amie Lin, Marc Davis, Giulia Brusco, Francis Morelos, Marcus Choi & the others.

Aimedis at CryptoCurrency Expo Seoul

The “Feels”

As the Aimedis CCO, I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech to over 500 participants (80%+ of which were S. Korean, and 20% from other neighboring countries). I would like to personally thank my interpreter, Jihee, who did an amazing job in helping get my message & our company message out there.

I spoke about building a better future, with a focus on Healthcare & Healthtech, with the help of emerging technologies such as Blockchain and AI. And dedicated my presentation to our Instagram star, Amber, and her son, who have been bravely fighting a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Please find a brief video containing video snaps from the presentation. The actual presentation (approx. 25 minutes long) will be available based on the organizer’s response and uploaded to our official Aimedis Youtube channel.

What Is Next

We didn’t stop here. After Seoul, we went to the great city of Kazan, in Russia, and delivered a presentation + entered an ICO competition. More details to follow.

Next on our road show:

  • World Blockchain Forum, Dubai, April 16-17th (Exhibition booth + ICO Competition entry)
  • Berlin Blockchain conference, mid April
  • CryptoCapitalWorld, Vilnius, 25-26th of April
  • And more!

Please be on the lookout for our upcoming Korean, Japanese, and Chinese translations for our WhitePaper.

Bringing the Aimedis mission and vision closer to you, in your local language, one country at a time.


Until then,

Stay healthy & positive. 


Roxana Nasoi 

CCO of Aimedis



Music credit: Furious Freak Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License