“Nothing Normal Ever Changed a Damn Thing.”

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This was this year’s slogan of Slush, one of the world’s leading startup events. Two official days (Nov 30 – Dec 1), and at least a week’s worth of side events, networking sessions, workshops, sauna meetups (we are in Finland, so it’s a must), and parties. Sneak peak from the conference.

What is Slush?

Slush 2017 #slush2017

In a Baltic seashell, Slush is the go-to place for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors. It happens in Helsinki, Finland. This startup event has been going on for a few years now. Last year alone, the conference gathered 17,500 attendees, from 130 countries. Among them, 600 journalists, 1,100 investors, and (*drums rolling*)… 2,300 startups. Aimedis was still in embryo mode in 2016 so we couldn’t be part of that story.

However… 2017 kicked in. We were born. We developed a consciousness. And an urge to be part of something big. Slush2017 coincided with Finland’s 100-year anniversary. With Finnish healthcare services being in top 5 at a European level (according to a survey by EU Commission published in 2000), what better way to celebrate, and leave our mark in history, right?!

It’s not like we are a European startup looking to upgrade the healthcare system in Europe, and worldwide, right? … 


#slush17 + Aimedis

Slush isn’t your ordinary conference. We were at Web Summit in Lisbon earlier in November (more details to follow-up soon) and didn’t know what to expect of the next conference. Can there be something bigger than 60,000 people attending? Well, Slush only gathered 20,000 this year, but somehow the overall feel was totally different.

Can you network with the lights off? This was our first question. The answer? YES, you can! So many people, in one place, sharing the same values, aiming for the same growth path.

aimedis aimedix ico blockchain

Aimedis felt welcome at Slush for a newcomer. The startups we talked to, the side events we participated in, the networking done in between, the parties, the sauna. Everything was an experience worth writing about. We’ve made friends, connections, and most importantly, talked to people about their views related to the present medical system.

The valuable feedback that you can only obtain by talking to people, founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. 

There is a place for us, and we are going to pursue it. The health-tech digital health scene is a space for Aimedis to explore and settle in. We found that many people embrace the blockchain model as a functional system that, when used correctly, can provide solutions and layers for next-gen products & services. AI was also a vivid part of Slush, through many startup artifacts, and demo displays.

We’re excited for the next Slush, #slush18, and hoping to have by then an already established product in the market, because as much as we love discussing ideas with people, we’re much happier to display and showcase the actual product at work.

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