Dear supporters, token buyers and friends. We are looking back at a very moving and intersting time in the crypto space in the last months. Aimedis thanks all of you who help Aimedis realize the vision of a unique medical ecosystem that will change the way people communicate and handle their health data and the way they communicate with their doctors and medical institutions.

Aimedis has finished the presale in November 2018 and has postponed the main sale of the Aimedis tokens until the market has recovered. The team has also discussed listing the token directly after the presale but we decided not to do that to protect all the people
who bought the token in the presale and the company as many examples showed a massive decrease in value for tokens listed in the bear market due to low market volumes.

So please stand by for Aimedis next steps, we will update you about the upcoming main sale and the listing process of AIM tokens on several exchanges.

All you tokens buyers that bought the token in the presale watch out for your wallets in the upcoming 2 weeks.

For any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact us any time via

We wish each and everyone of you a successful year 2019 in the crypto market and together with us.


Your Aimedis team